Analyze, collect & trade licensed dynamic NFTs and embark on a rewarding journey directly linked to an athlete’s career.


Accumulate xP on your card as an athlete completes real-world Milestones & boost xP further by participating in multiple gamified experiences.


Earn prize money, win signed merch & one-of-a-kind fan rewards as your card’s xP grows.


Link the physical with the digital and benefit from an athlete’s real-world success. This is the future of sports collectibles!


What is OWNIC and what makes it different?
OWNIC is a platform for licensed digital sports cards. OWNIC uses blockchain technology to authenticate and track ownership of the digital cards, ensuring their uniqueness. Central to the OWNIC platform is its Dynamic NFT technology, which allows for the digital cards to be updated and evolve based on real-world performance data. This makes the cards on OWNIC interactive and timeless, as they grow together with the athlete's career. Cards xP will remain regardless of any club or division changes, and will continue to accumulate as athletes participate in further sporting events.
What is xP and how does it work?
xP is a revolutionary system used on the OWNIC platform to measure a digital card’s power and progress. Cards can earn xP by achieving real-world milestones tied to athletes' careers and participating in OWNIC’s gamified experiences, like mini-games and boosters. As collectors earn more points through the xP system, they are able to unlock higher divisions and gain access to more rewards and benefits. All roads lead to xP, as it is the central measure of a collector's success, card’s dynamism and athletes progress. The xP introduces the new value aggregation and assessment system that makes interactive and rewarding collecting possible
What benefits do collectors get from owning an OWNIC Card?
Collectors can take advantage of owning an OWNIC card by competing in the platform's different level tournaments, such as weekly and monthly, where progress is measured by xP and the opportunity to compete against other collectors. The prizes for these tournaments include prize-money, as well as exclusive presents such as signed jerseys, invaluable fan experiences and rare cards. As a scouting platform, OWNIC rewards collectors who are able to spot the right talent at the right time, making the collecting experience both fun and rewarding.
How does OWNIC's Dynamic technology ensure cards’ timelessness?
OWNIC's Dynamic NFT technology allows for the digital cards to be updated with new data as the players' careers progress. Bringing temper-proof off-chain data from Wyscout on-chain, OWNIC ensures that the cards remain relevant and accurate, making them timeless for collectors. Unlike traditional physical sports cards, which can become outdated and lose value over time, OWNIC's digital cards maintain their value and appeal as they are continually updated with the latest information throughout athletes' whole career, no matter if they change clubs or divisions.
How does OWNIC's on-platform gamified experiences enhance the collecting experience?
OWNIC offers two kinds of gamified experiences on the cards: boosters and mini-games. No two cards are the same at OWNIC, as their journey can be customised by collectors skills and ability.Each gamified experience has its own unique coefficient that affects how xP is accumulated differently. Overall, OWNIC's gamified experiences add a sense of competition and fun to the collecting experience, making journey more customisable and engaging for collectors.
What are milestones?
Milestones are athletes achievements in real-life. There are over 250 milestones covering almost every aspect of an athlete's career, from match events and trophies to career achievements like high-profile transfers and big contracts. Every milestone is weighted and assigned to certain xP points. Milestone system links physical with digital, thus making collecting on OWNIC a unique experience directly attached to athletes success.